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Embedded and Enterprise Engineering Services

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Utilizing a wide range of capabilities, our highly experienced engineering team tackles your mission and safety-critical system, software, and electronic hardware challenges with proven technologies customized to meet your unique requirements. We specialize in enterprise and embedded hardware and software, supporting accelerated integration, automated testing, and meeting rigorous FAA and Department of Defense (DoD) standards

TES-i is a full-service firm, working with you from concept to requirements, through design, development, prototype, production, integration, and test to create the ideal solution on your timeline and budget.

Our Process

We believe in the power of partnership when developing the ideal solution for your needs. This begins with in-depth two-way information gathering where we learn about your needs and challenges and share our products, technologies, services, and capabilities. Even when the problem itself seems elusive, we dig deeper helping you discover the issue’s cause and work with you to identify, develop, and integrate the ideal solution on time and on budget.

Engineering Capabilities

TES-i’s considerable engineering capabilities span a variety of disciplines, allowing us to approach challenges from multiple angles for the most affordable and reliable solution. Our engineering services include systems, software, electronic hardware, verification and validation, prototyping, production, environmental testing, and automated test equipment. 

Our Solutions at Work


An aircraft manufacturer came to TES-i seeking to develop the first software-controlled emergency oxygen system used by airliners in order to help reduce size and weight of the overall subsystem. TES-i designed, developed, tested, and certified the operational flight program (OFP) per FAA DO-178B Level B that controlled the required oxygen delivery.


TES-i is developing airworthy reusable radio control software that will be hosted by the disparate avionic hardware/software architectures employed by various aircraft. Our solution is made possible by TES-i-developed capability-driven architecture (CDA™) and TES-i’s MBSE tool, AWESUM®.


Modular Mining Systems, Inc., the leader in mine management systems, uses TES-i’s Site Advise, featuring the TES-i -developed mesh network-based system, to manage multiple pieces of equipment within a mine. The TES-i asset nodes used as a part of Site Advise are designed for rugged environmental conditions.

Oil & Gas

Green Field Energy Services sought to operate their turbine engines used on an oil fracking spread entirely on well gas. TES-i's universal iDEC unit improves drilling extraction methods by allowing turbines to run efficiently on natural gas or diesel fuel. TES-i’s iDEC system and engineering support allowed Green Field to adapt their engines to successfully run on 100% field gas, saving $15 million in fuel cost over a nine-month period.


A customer required a cheaper and faster integration of capabilities for its all-terrain hybrid reconnaissance vehicle. Utilizing TES-i’s capability-driven architecture (CDA™), we developed a vehicle integration and management system (VIIMS™); a plug and play system that integrates all capabilities into a single onboard command center in every vehicle.


Green Field Energy Systems required a time and money-saving solution to control and manage their high horsepower turbine-driven centrifugal pumps in hydraulic fracturing operations. Using its CruzFrac™ software and electronic components, TES-i designed a system to remotely control and monitor the turbines, allowing for early performance issue identification.


TES-i supported a medical device startup company in developing their low-cost and low-power disposable intravenous infusion pump for drug delivery to replace more costly and power-intensive motor-driven technologies. TES-i collaborated to develop the software and the electronics to control and monitor the prototype infusion pumps.

Custom Solutions on Call

Custom Solutions on Call. No two challenges are the same. Contact us to learn how our highly skilled team works with you to develop a reliable, safe custom solution on time and on budget.
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