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Engineering Services

Solutions for mission and safety critical systems

Solution Design and Implementation

TES-i provides a comprehensive range of services to our customers regardless of whether you seek assistance with a single step in the process or a full solution from concept to implementation. TES-i is an agile full-service firm, working with you from concept through requirements, design, prototype, and test, to produce the ideal solution on your timeline and budget.

Software Development

TES-i is one of the very few small companies capable of developing and verifying flight critical and safety-critical software per the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA’s) recommended guideline RTCA DO-178B/DO-178C, Software Considerations in Airborne Systems and Equipment Certification. Since 1997, TES has completed over 150 development and verification projects per DO-178 and has spent over 550,000 hours developing, testing, and certifying hardware and software for our aviation customers. Today we can provide this process as a turnkey solution, from PSAC to SAS, providing customers full vertical integration from development through to certification. Our software expertise includes:

  • Software development and verification per DO-178C
  • Software tool qualification per DO-330
  • Model-based development per DO-331
  • Object-oriented technology per DO-332
  • Cyber-security support per DO-326A

In addition to our safety-critical software development, TES-i develops mission-critical software applications for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), businesses, scientific community, medical, manufacturing, the Department of Defense, Oil and Gas, Mining, and Automotive.

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Systems Engineering

Just as a whole is the sum of more than its parts, our systems are more than software and hardware. We solve challenges through full system engineering – defining, developing, verifying, testing, and validating that the whole system meets its intended functions while meeting rigorous standards.  We employ SAE’s ARP4754A, Guidelines for Development of Civil Aircraft and Systems, and Model-Based Modular Open Systems Approach (MMOSA™).

Electronic Hardware & firmware development

TES-i provides electronic hardware and firmware development services from concept through production. For safety-critical electronic hardware and firmware (FPGAs) development, TES-i employs the FAA’s recommended guideline RTCA DO-254 / EUROCAE ED-80, Design Assurance Guidance for Airborne Electronic Hardware, and can support our customers from PHAC to HAS.


At TES-i, we employ robust verification, validation, and IV&V throughout the design, development, prototype, and integration process to reduce risk and ensure any issues or concerns are caught early. For safety-critical systems we employ ARP4754A, RTCA DO-178C, and RTCA DO-254 for verification and validation.  When applicable, to reduce cost and schedule, we employ custom tools and equipment to automate our testing.


TES-i provides DO-160 and MIL-STD-810 environmental qualification testing which includes analysis, planning, test procedures, test execution, and reports for numerous avionic LRUs for various commercial and defense systems. Our expertise includes developing custom test jigs and automated test equipment to facilitate and reduce the cost of testing.


Since 1997, TES-i has been developing automated test equipment (ATE) and tools for product development, manufacturing, and field maintenance.  The benefits of ATE include reducing or eliminating inconsistencies and potential human error, repeatability, reduced training, reduced cost, and reduced schedule.

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TES-i offers our customers comprehensive support for our products for as long as you operate them. We also provide comprehensive training for TES-SAVi products.

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