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Military Engineering Solutions

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TES-i leads the industry with affordable ground-breaking embedded and enterprise mission and safety-critical software and electronic system solutions for Department of Defense (DoD) organizations. Highly experienced in FAA and military-standard requirements and regulations, our teams employ decades of engineering experience from defense projects to cost-effectively meet your challenge. Whether ensuring continued performance from legacy platforms, integrating new capabilities, or designing ground-up solutions, TES-i works to develop dependable, efficient, secure, and affordable solutions.


  • Systems development per ARP-4754A
  • Software development per DO-178C
  • Electronics and firmware development support per DO-254
  • Software tool qualification per DO-330
  • Model-based development per DO-331
  • Object-oriented technology per DO-332
  • Environmental testing per DO-160G/MIL-STD-810
  • Cyber-security support per DO-326A
  • Functional safety of road vehicles per ISO 26262
  • ARP4761 safety assessment support


  • ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100D certified
  • AS9115 Compliant


PEO AVN – Integration of Radios onto Helicopter Platforms

The Problem

Several radios used in multiple helicopter platforms created extra expense and work to interconnect. PEO AVN needed a common software architecture to reduce the cost and schedule of integrating various radios onto the different helicopter platforms.

The Solution

TES-i developed Capability-Driven Architecture (CDA™) that allows for the quick integration of different peripherals onto different platforms.

Project Highlights

Since 2003, TES-i has been providing engineering services support to PEO AVN/PM AME, AMRDEC/ASIF in the areas of device integration, MBSE, systems engineering, software design and development, and requirements analysis. In this case, TES-i used its Future Airborne Capability Environment (FACE™) data model tooling solution.

Cost Effective Integration

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