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GPS Asset I/O Control Device

Real-time Asset Monitoring

TES-i’s Site Advise is a real-time GPS-enabled asset location tracking and control system. Using mesh networks and rugged TES-i-designed asset nodes, this system gives users the power to track, monitor, and adjust certain controls of remote assets in the field, even in non-line-of-sight (NLoS) environments.

Site Advise can be used for asset tracking, environmental controls, industrial control and oversight, and mobile platform condition-based maintenance recording. Operational examples include remotely monitoring water tank levels, monitoring pressures and levels in machinery, tracking vehicle and machine assets, and remotely activating and deactivating power.

TES-i’s wireless mesh networks allow for continual asset management. TES-i works with you to develop the ideal connectivity solution for 24/7 monitoring, allowing you to optimize output and avoid costly delays.

Mesh Networks

Mesh networks consist of many notes communicating with each other and reporting data including location, acceleration, equipment operation, fluid levels, and other required monitoring parameters. Consisting of a mesh note gateway and asset notes, the system’s delivered information is accessed in real time via mobile devices and cloud computing.

Rugged Asset Nodes

Rough terrain, harsh weather, and severe environments are no longer inhibitors to smooth operations. TES-i’s asset nodes are designed to withstand even the most austere weather and operating environments to ensure 24/7/365 connectivity.

Advantages of Wireless Mesh Networks

  • Wireless mesh nodes are easy to install and uninstall, making the network extremely adaptable and expandable.
  • Minimal investment and low-cost maintenance, particularly for large areas of coverage
  • Effective in Non-Line-of-Sight (NLoS) network configurations where wireless signals are intermittently blocked. With other nodes around, the mesh network will adjust to find a clear signal.
  • Mesh networks are self-configuring, automatically incorporating new nodes into the existing structure without adjustments by a network administrator.
  • Mesh networks are self-healing, automatically finding the fastest and most reliable paths to send data.

Our Solutions At Work

Modular Mining Systems

The Problem

Modular Mining Systems, a leader in mine management systems, needed a way to manage various pieces of equipment within an above ground mine.

The Solution

TES-i developed Site Advise, a wireless mesh network system using nodes on equipment throughout the mine, allowing Modular to ensure assets are in the right place at the right time and working properly.

Project Highlights

The wireless mesh network nodes are designed to withstand the mine’s rugged environment. The nodes transmit regular data about the equipment at its location to a gateway unit hardwired to the central software application. Nodes have GPS onboard and monitor location and acceleration. Modular accesses the software to monitor equipment and ensure efficiency as well as immediately identify issues.

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