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Software Engineering Services

Solutions for mission and safety critical systems

TES-i provides full-service software engineering services for flight critical and safety-critical airborne systems. In addition to our safety-critical software development, TES-i develops mission-critical software applications for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), businesses, scientific community, medical, manufacturing, the Department of Defense, oil and gas, mining, and automotive industries.

Today we can provide this process as a turnkey solution, from PSAC to SAS, providing customers full vertical integration from development to certification.

Our software expertise includes:

  • Software development and verification per DO-178C
  • Software tool qualification per DO-330
  • Model-based development per DO-331
  • Object-oriented technology per DO-332
  • Cyber-security support per DO-326A


TES-i is one of very few small companies capable of developing and verifying flight critical and safety-critical software per the FAA’s recommended guideline RTCA DO-178B/DO-178C – Software Considerations in Airborne Systems and Equipment Certification.

Since 1997, TES has completed more than 150 development and verification projects per DO-178 and has spent over 550,000 hours developing, testing, and certifying hardware and software for our aviation customers.

Board support packages

TES-i provides complete embedded systems bare metal board bring up and support packages. Including boot firmware, low level I/O and device drivers allowing Real-time operating systems to function in the provided hardware environment.

Enterprise Development

Enterprise systems development involves creating the next generation of solutions to improve an organization’s agency-wide automated systems and business application software responsible for integrating hardware, software, and communication technologies. This work includes planning, design, development, implementation, test, operations coordination, technical support, and maintenance.

Our goal is to ensure the delivery of an enterprise solution that improves a customer’s outcome, process, procedures, and satisfaction. We utilize our in-house developed Engineering Services ERP tool, Project Track – SFPT, to meet this goal. Project Track – SFPT, helps customers automatically manage and track:

  • Contract Management
  • Human Resource Tracking and Profiles
  • Time Tracking and Payroll
  • Project Management
  • Risks/Risk Mitigation Plans
  • Earned Value
  • Project Status

SFPT is U.S. DCMA compliant, ensures successful annual DCAA audits, integrates with QuickBooks, simplifies workflow, and implements job costing that is compliant with the federal government.



At TES-i, we employ robust verification, validation, and IV&V throughout the design, development, prototype, and integration process to reduce risk and ensure any issues or concerns are caught early. For safety-critical systems we employ ARP4754A, RTCA DO-178C, and RTCA DO-254 for verification and validation.  When applicable, to reduce cost and schedule, we employ custom tools and equipment to automate our testing.


TES-i provides DO-160 and MIL-STD-810 environmental qualification testing which includes analysis, planning, test procedures, test execution, and reports for numerous avionic LRUs for various commercial and defense systems. Our expertise includes developing custom test jigs and automated test equipment to facilitate and reduce the cost of testing.


TES-i offers our customers comprehensive support for our products for as long as you operate them. We also provide comprehensive training for TES-SAVi products.

Our Solutions at Work

Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) Synchronization Tool (IST)

TES-i designed, developed, delivered, accredited, and provided training for IST, an enterprise system for U.S. Army soldiers in the field. IST is a networked client and web-based application designed to provide ISR managers at tactical and operational echelons with a common tool to plan, synchronize, and visualize ISR missions across the joint spectrum of capabilities in support of operations.

IST enables military commanders to plan, visualize, and direct ISR reconnaissance, surveillance target acquisition (RSTA) missions, and functions across the force. It provides the automated tools to integrate and dynamically synchronize ISR capabilities and planning at all echelons, alerts planners to changes during execution, and enables commander and staff to wargame and manage multi-echelon collection assets to ensure integration with planned.

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