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Digital engineering

Low-Risk Solution Development

A holistic approach to the design of a complex system, digital engineering uses digital models and data to design, engineer, develop, test, and validate the life cycle of a whole system. By integrating data across models, teams realize significant risk reduction on construction cost and schedules.

Just as a whole is the sum of more than its parts, our systems are more than software and hardware. We solve challenges through digital engineering – defining, developing, verifying, testing, and validating that the whole system meets its intended functions while meeting rigorous standards.

We deploy a variety of tools and processes in digital engineering, including AirWorthy Environment for Systems Unified Modeling (AWESUM®), model development, Model-Based Modular Open Systems Approach (MMOSA™), and SAE’s ARP4754A, Guidelines for Development of Civil Aircraft and Systems.


AWESUM is an end-to-end, complete lifecycle tool suite that fuses systems and software modeling with simulation (M&S) capabilities, modular open system approach (MOSA), and device and sensor integration techniques into a single package. The suite provides a lifecycle unified environment for aviation software intensive systems development and certification.

AWESUM Lifecycle Modules:

  • Develop – accelerates system and software development, ensuring traceability of high-level systems requirements through low-level design and implementation of software components.
  • Verify – a software testing and verification system that accelerates and intensifies robustness testing of cyber-physical systems (CPS). This tool manages verification lifecycle activities, assists in determining documentation and verification process completion, generates device design tests, executes tests that help ensure system functionality, and manages test results and traces links between requirements, modeled capabilities, and software code.
  • Qualify – an integrated system for producing and managing airworthiness lifecycle documentation (CDRLs and DIDs) required to satisfy DO-178C objectives. This tool automatically generates and allows for artifact engineering of the software aspects of airborne system documentation required for airworthiness qualifications efforts.
  • Simulate – Brings the whole system digitally to life. Systems “functional needs” are validated throughout the development lifecycle, reducing the risk of mismatched requirements from the development process.

The AWESUM suite also includes FAME, a Future Airborne Capability Environment (FACE™) data architecture modeling environment for model development.

Model Development

Modelers begin with the system needs and concept of operations which allows for early system specification and provides a means to virtually integrate and validate the system throughout the lifecycle. The system architecture, requirements, and design are then modeled.

The detailed external interfaces of the system are modeled and linked to the system model to produce a foundation for document, code, and test generation. All levels of the model are traced to their predecessor to provide a complete navigable system unified model (SUM).

Model Based Modular Open Systems Approach

MMOSA is a lifecycle process for complex cyber-physical system of system and systems development. It utilizes ‘Big Data’ techniques to coordinate all requirements, design, and data in one unified model. Through multi-tool support, it allows for validation throughout the process and verifies all standards through formal processes with full bi-directional and directional tracing. It also utilizes digital engineering concepts for implementing a MOSA with agile and DevSecOps techniques in a manner where the resulting system is qualifiable.

MMOSA assists with:

  • Clarifying ambiguous requirements
  • Deconflicting requirements
  • Requirements and test traceability and coverage
  • Centralizing conformance toolchain
  • Handling of multidisciplinary technical data

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