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Smarter Performance

Smart Vehicle Technology

As vehicle capabilities evolve for increased efficiency, safety and performance, so do requirements for deterministic real-time sensor data processing and control technologies. TES-i’s expansive embedded and enterprise solutions and capabilities support civilian and military hybrid technologies, systems integration, monitoring, collision avoidance, automatic safety features, engine control and monitoring, driverless operations, communications, navigation, and more.

TES-i’s vehicle integration and information management system (VIIMS™) is an example of one such solution. Leveraging TES-i’s capability-driven architecture (CDA™), VIIMS™ is a simple and efficient integration of sensors, effectors, and computing resources into the next generation for highly integrated civilian and military vehicles. VIIMS™ supports major commercial and military standards.


  • Systems development per ARP-4754A
  • Software development per DO-178C
  • Electronics and firmware development support per DO-254
  • Software tool qualification per DO-330
  • Model-based development per DO-331
  • Object-oriented technology per DO-332
  • Environmental testing per DO-160G/MIL-STD-810
  • Cyber-security support per DO-326A
  • Functional safety of road vehicles per ISO 26262


  • ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100D certified
  • AS9115 Compliant


Stealth Hybrid Vehicle

The Problem

A customer required a cheaper and faster integration of capabilities for its all-terrain hybrid reconnaissance ground vehicle.

The Solution

Utilizing TES-i's capability-driven architecture (CDA™), TES-i prototyped the vehicle integration and management system (VIIMS™); a plug and play system that integrates all capabilities into a single onboard mission control system.

Project Highlights

The TES-i VIIMS™ integrates vehicle health status, navigation, sensors, communications, and maps into a visual display in the center console.

Smarter Operations

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