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TES-i’s in-house designed and manufactured technologies smooth the transition from concept to implementation for embedded and enterprise sense and control needs. These proprietary technologies and tools allow us to help you increase efficiencies and reduce waste through increased reliable and secure automation technology.



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In 2013, TES-i was the only company to have successfully controlled turbine engines for a frack spread operating entirely on well gas, saving $15 million in fuel cost over a nine-month period. Green Field Energy Services selected TES-i’s iDEC system to power these pumps and, with TES-i engineering support, adapted TES-i’s iDEC units to successfully run on 100% field gas. TES-i's universal iDEC unit improves drilling extraction methods by allowing turbines to run efficiently on natural gas or diesel fuel compared to the industries traditionally mixed power. Based on current energy prices, by using 100% field gas instead of diesel, an operator can lower its fueling costs by up to 88%. In addition to environmental benefits, the iDEC unit reduces emissions and delivery traffic.

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