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September 9, 2022

TES-i Showcases AWESUM® and MOSA Alignment at the U.S. Air Force – FACE™ and SOSA™ Technical Interchange Meeting (TIM) and Expo September 27, 2022 at Dayton Convention Center, OH

TES-i demonstrated alignment to MOSA and showcased our TES-SAVi FACE ecosystem tools AWESUM® ( www.TES-SAVi.com ) at the U.S. Air Force – FACE™ and SOSA™ Technical Interchange Meeting (TIM) and Expo September 27, 2022.  The U.S. Army PEO Aviation Aerial Communications and Mission Command (ACMC) has funded the Airborne Radio Control Manager (ARCM) software application. ARCM is aligned with FACE™ 3.1 and designed to DO-178C SL-C. The ARCM suite is developed using model-based systems engineering practices, with modeled software and lifecycle artifacts for airworthiness and reuse per AC 20-148 to reduce development schedule and lifecycle costs. Our reusable communications domain control software will be hosted on both U.S. Army Enduring and FVL (FLRAA and FARA) aircraft platforms. Our demonstrations showed ARCM controlling the PRC-158 radio (simulation) using Avalex control head with 661 software running Yocto linux. We also demonstrated robustness of the design with a Link-16 capability enhancement demonstration. We have ported the ARCM FACE 3.1 software suite to run on Mercury’s AMCS with GHS-178, and NAI’s SIU-34 with DDC-I Deos. As such we showed extensibility, portability, and reuse across RTOS’ and different hardware. Also, on hand were our TES-SAVi AWESUM® software subject-matter experts(SMEs) to address any FACE software modeling needs. Stop by FACE Air Force TIM booth 6, located across from NAVAIR and next to Green Hills. TES-i is partnered with Army ACMC, GTRI, Mercury, NAI, DDC-I, GHS, and Bell Flight. TES-i continues to support and lead FACE and SOSA Consortiums ( www.TES-i.com ). ARCM is on track to becoming the U.S. Army’s first FACE 3.1 reusable software suite to fly on military aircraft. #design #aircraft #software #engineering #development#military #communications

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