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Command, Control, Monitoring, and Communication Solutions

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Rough terrain, harsh weather, and severe environments are no longer inhibitors to smooth mining operations. TES-i specializes in the development and integration of custom ruggedized real-time embedded computers, sensors, actuators, and communications for vehicles and machinery. In addition, we specialize in client/server and cloud applications that communicate with remote vehicles and machinery.


  • IEC 6100-4-2 and IEC 6100-4-5
  • Software development and verification per DO-178C
  • Software tool qualification per DO-330
  • Model-based development per DO-331
  • Object-oriented technology per DO-332
  • Cyber-security support per DO-326A


  • ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100D certified
  • AS9115 Compliant


Modular Mining Systems

The Problem

Modular Mining Systems, a leader in mine management systems, needed a way to manage various pieces of equipment within an above ground mine.

The Solution

TES-i developed a wireless mesh network system using nodes on equipment throughout the mine, allowing Modular to ensure assets are in the right place at the right time and working properly. Mesh networks consist of many nodes communicating with each other and reporting data including location, acceleration, equipment operation, fluid levels, and other required monitoring parameters. Information is accessible in real-time via mobile devices and cloud computing.

Project Highlights

The wireless mesh network nodes are designed to withstand the mine’s rugged environment. The nodes transmit regular data about the equipment at its location to a gateway unit hardwired to the central software application. Nodes have GPS onboard and monitor location and acceleration. Modular accesses the software to monitor equipment and ensure efficiency as well as immediately identify issues.

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